Version 8.3 of the RTF (Rich Text) to HTML5 and XHTML converter library ScroogeXHTML for the Java™ platform is available now.

Changes in 8.3

  • Pictures which are tagged with the \nonshppict token are not included in the conversion
  • Removed needless test for binary data flag FN_BIN
  • Include code coverage tests
  • Include tests for ReplaceEmptyParagraphNodes, ListHeaderInfo, DefaultFontStatistics

Ready for JDK 11

Tested with Oracle JDK 8 and OpenJDK 11 on Windows and Linux.

API documentation

Online demo


ScroogeXHTML for the Java platform is a library which can convert a subset of the Rich Text Format (RTF) standard to HTML5 and XHTML, as a standalone document, or as a fragment which can be used in other documents. It supports RTF features such as hyperlinks, field results, simple tables, picture data extraction, and embeds PNG and JPG pictures as data URI. It is easy to use, and requires no external runtime libraries except the SLF4J logging facade.

Other platforms

ScroogeXHTML is also available for Delphi 2009+ and Free Pascal.


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