Habarisoft released the fourth milestone for version 7.0 of its RTF to HTML5 and XHTML converter library, ScroogeXHTML for the Java™ platform.


The installer for 7.0.0.MS4 is now available at https://www.habarisoft.com/scroogexhtml_j/download/release (for registered users only).

As it is work in progress, source code not included in the installer.


The Javadoc API is included in the installer.

It is also available at https://www.habarisoft.com/scroogexhtml_j/7.0.0-MS4/docs/api/index.html

Getting Started PDF

The “Getting Started” PDF is included in the installer.

It is also available at https://www.habarisoft.com/scroogexhtml_j/7.0.0-MS4/docs/ScroogeXHTMLGettingStarted.pdf

New in 7.0.0-MS4

Experimental list conversion support

  • a new experimental implementation for numbered and unnumbered list is now available and may be enabled with the ConversionKeys.USE_LIST_TABLE switch (see PDF for details)
  • multi-level bullet list conversion support is now available when list table support is enabled
  • numbered lists with roman numbers are now supported when list table support is enabled
  • Note: not all RTF writers generate correct and consistent list level code
  • the library includes an example post processor which replaces Wingdings bullets with web-safe Unicode bullet characters

Table conversion support

  • cell background color support
  • faster algorithm for cell merging
  • table border (whole table border) detection improved

Minor changes

  • Faster initialization of DOM tree transformation
  • Improved Unicode support for Japanese text
  • paragraph border conversion switch
  • JavaBean manifest entry
  • installer updated to IzPack 5.1.2
  • new property ConvertAlignment
  • faster solution for ConvertEmptyParagraphs
  • faster RGB color to HTML color conversion
  • Javadoc has been cleaned up to be compatible with the new JDK 8 Doclet

Breaking changes

Release 7.0 will contain breaking changes. Please consult the Getting Started PDF for details.




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