ScroogeXHTML for the Java™ platform 6.0 – RTF to HTML5 converter preview

Habarisoft released the first public preview of version 6.0 of its RTF to HTML5 converter library, ScroogeXHTML for the Java™ platform.

Major changes

  • only HTML5 and XHTML will be supported  – for other markup language versions, ScroogeXHTML 5.X is still available
  • new DOM based post processing event listeners
  • new support for embedded JPEG and PNG images with HTML Data URI scheme
  • improved support for RTF tables
  • improved support for monospace fonts
  • improved conversion of footnote
  • improved support for listtable (paragraph numbering)

On-line demo

The new demo page allows to upload and convert RTF files.

60 % discount offer

For registered users, Habarisoft offers up to 60 % discount for ScroogeXHTML. Please visit for contact information.

Save 50 % on Server Deployment licenses

Receive a discount of 50% on your ScroogeXHTML Deployment License for concurrent users: order together with a Single Developer License. (Discount is limited to 5 Single Developer Licenses per order).



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